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The Incredible Hulk: Red Alert Page 55
It's been a while since we've actually seen the Hulk here in his own comic! We're now coming out of what I call the 'soggy middle' of this story, and the Hulk will be making his presence felt over the next couple of pages. You're going to see a new side to this version of the character! I feel like I'm really getting things moving again now-- I got bogged down with a lot of expositionary stuff, and I got sidetracked with a fun but ultimately unnecessary Spider-Man cameo. Or was it really unnecessary? You'll just have to keep reading!
Stormcry Profile
A fun little piece for my Transformers character Stormcry.

Visually he's based on Alpha Trion-- he comes from the old timey Cybertron, so I wanted him to have something of those Golden Age Transformers we saw flashbacks of in the cartoon. There's also a bit of Vehicle Voltron in there, particularly with the head. I love Vehicle Voltron! And apparently I'm the only one, but whatever. Finally, I kind of wanted him to look like he could be a big daddy version of the Seekers (For non nerds, the Seekers are the G1 Decepticon planes like Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker). If Stormcry had survived to see the start of the war, he'd be a big figure in the Decepticon Hierarchy-- and of course he's related to a certain Chris Latta-voiced robot, so there you go!
The Incredible Hulk: Red Alert Page 54
Introducing the hitherto unseen (IE totally made up) G1 Decepticon known as... STORMCRY! And thus confirming that, for the purpose of this comic, the 80's Transformers and Hulk cartoons take place in the same world.

Originally, this was going to be a familiar face. I thought about maybe making the Hanger 18 Transformer Grimlock, because....are you serious? Who wouldn't want to see the Hulk fight Grimlock?  But I was thinking about that character's comic book backstory rather than the one from the cartoon. In the show, Grimlock, along with the other Dinobots, was built by Wheeljack and Ratchet, so he couldn't be there in a secret bunker in 1982. In fact, even if I were to use the comic book continuity there would have been problems, because there in 1982 all the Dinobots are still buried in an ancient tarpit! And obviously all the other G1's are still in the Ark or on Cybertron too. 

I could have perhaps used a character from the second wave of Transformers-- in season 2 of the show, all these new characters pop up and it's never really explained where they've come from. I guess it would be natural to assume that they are reinforcements from Cybertron, but there's space to suggest that any one of them might have been on Earth all along. After all, the Insecticons and Jetfire arrived separately from the others--why not one more? There's even a G1 Transformer called Red Alert who also just so happened to be one of my favorites as a child.

This lead to other problems, however. Firstly, the title 'Red Alert' was never intended to be a red herring. It refers to the presence of the Red She-Hulk and also a general sense of crisis-- it's not really a Transformers story, however tempting it would be to make it so. The second problem is one I can't discuss without spoiling the story!

So, long story short-- I decided to go down the infinitely more fun route of creating my own Transformer. I haven't really created anything with this comic-- virtually everything you see and every character in it belongs to someone else. Being able to bring my own toys to the party was a really exciting idea!
Carrie Fisher 1956-2016
I'm a little late to the party, but I did want to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher after her tragic death last year. Leia is one of my favourite Star Wars characters.  Han Solo spent two movies running away from Jabba the Hut; Leia choked his giant slug ass to death a day after meeting him! There's much more to Carrie Fisher than Star Wars though-- she was an amazing writer and, by all accounts, a very wise and witty person.
The Incredible Hulk: Red Alert Page 53
Welp, here it is... the twist that probably everybody saw coming! The worlds of The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Transformers form part of what I call the 'Sunbowverse' (Sunbow being the animation studio that produced--I think-- all three of these cartoons, although I could be wrong).
I have a problem with the cover I did for 'Red Alert' last year. It sucks! I really hate it-- I was aiming for a sort of Lo-fi cutesiness, deliberate amatuerishness kind of vibe. I guess that worked only too well-- it looks like the kind of cover a child would design. I wanted to produce something that would be dramatic and mysterious, and I was re-reading an early issue of Savage She Hulk when I saw this page: […

I'm not a premium subscriber right now, so sorry you have to click on that link to find out what I'm on about. It's from the start of issue three where Jen is having a nightmare about her first transformation into the She-Hulk, and there's this wonderful montage image of the three thugs from the hospital falling into Shulky's claw-like hands. It looks awesome! And I immediately thought it would make a cool cover for Red Alert too. 

I've also posted a new page of the comic and there will be more soon. Expect the unexpected!
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